48 Hours in Pittsburgh with the Consulate General of Canada

Bernard-Blog-20160405To many Americans, Canada is our friendly neighbor to the north, known for an affable attitude, a passion for pucks and a penchant for strong beer.  What is perhaps less known is how critical trade with Canada is to the economy of the United States.  Consider:

  • Nearly 9 million U.S. jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada
  • Canada is the top export destination for 35 states
  • Canada is the number one supplier of crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas,
    and electricity to the U.S. as well as a
    leading supplier of uranium
  • 400,000 people cross the Canada–U.S. border daily

Source: http://can-am.gc.ca/can-am/index.aspx?lang=eng

Pennsylvania is one of the 35 states for which Canada is its top customer, with total goods trade topping $22.3 billion (US) in 2015.  In an effort to advance US-Canadian trade in the Pittsburgh region, Fourth Economy supported the office of the Consulate General of Canada in hosting seven Canadian technology firms for two days of information sharing and networking focused on the shale energy sector in Western Pennsylvania.  The event, titled “48 Hours in Pittsburgh,” afforded the Canadian firms with an opportunity to share their solutions in water treatment, emissions monitoring and safety technology with regional energy exploration and production supply chain companies.  Presentations from the E&P companies, as well as the Marcellus Shale Coalition, the National Energy Technology Laboratory and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce all served to frame the opportunity for growth in the energy sector on both sides of the border.

“This event was a great way to expose Canadian businesses to the climate of the energy sector in Western Pennsylvania, and to showcase their capabilities to energy firms in the region as well,” said Ryan Wall, Trade Commissioner of the Consulate General of Canada’s Pittsburgh office.  “Canadian companies have so much to offer this industry, and many industries, and it’s our job to make these connections and open these doors to opportunities.”

With so much economic activity flowing both north and south, there is a huge opportunity for collaboration and partnership between American and Canadian companies.  Events like these are an important first step in establishing strong business relationships in existing and emerging industries.  If you’d like to learn more about doing business with Canadian companies, contact Jason Bernard at jason.bernard@fourtheconomy.com, or visit tradecomissioner.gc.ca.