About us

Fourth Economy Consulting (FEC) is a national economic development consulting firm specializing in market analytics, strategic planning, site selection, community assessments and organization building. Our team of experienced practitioners helps businesses, communities and non-profit organizations achieve their market potential. The Fourth Economy Consulting team is committed to investing in the communities where we live, work and play.

About Our Name

Over time, the world has witnessed three major economic phases.  The first was based on agricultural and natural resource extraction – the second driven by industrial manufacturing.  The most recent has been firmly rooted in technology, supported by innovation and knowledge networks.

The “fourth economy” represents the convergence of the three, defined by collaborative approaches to solving problems, growing markets and attracting investment.  We believe the most effective and sustainable market strategies must reflect how community, industry and the environment converge and interact.


What We Deliver

1Our Clients

Economic Development Organizations

State, Local and Federal Agencies

Non-profit Organizations

Start-up Businesses and Experienced Industry

Real Estate Developers

Colleges and Universities

Trade Associations

Municipal Organizations

Philanthropic Organizations

3Our Experience

Pioneered green jobs analysis

Manage the nation’s strongest regional cluster

Supported development of transformative plans

Created award-winning initiatives