APA Pennsylvania Chapter Recognizes Fourth Economy Team

APA-Upper-LawrencevilleThe Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association recognized Fourth Economy Consulting with a “Planning Excellence” award for its contributions in developing a Targeted Development Strategy for the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Upper Lawrenceville. The consulting team helped the community craft a neighborhood identity and a series of principles guiding future development to achieve the community’s long-term livability goals. Continue reading “APA Pennsylvania Chapter Recognizes Fourth Economy Team”

FEC Projects Impact for One-of-a-Kind Trail Plan: Pike2Bike

Pike2BikeThere is a potential big deal brewing in the world of trails. The FEC team always challenges our clients to identify their unique value proposition.  What sets your community or region apart from all others?  A major destination trail envisioned for an abandoned portion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike would do just that for Bedford and Fulton Counties.  Continue reading “FEC Projects Impact for One-of-a-Kind Trail Plan: Pike2Bike”

A Fourth Economy Work Product with Legs

131122-Transit-ReportOne of the regular questions asked of our firm is “what Fourth Economy projects or reports have been implemented?”  While we think all of them have added value and are implemented to some degree, one project stands out.  In 2009 Fourth Economy teamed with Clear View Strategies and URS Corporation to conduct a study on Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

The client was the Southwestern Planning Commission in Pennsylvania.  The product entitled Future Investment in TOD (or FIT) was a first of its kind report that not only documented the success factors for a TOD but also provided a predictive model for planners and economic developers to determine where and how a TOD development would have the greatest economic impact and success. Continue reading “A Fourth Economy Work Product with Legs”

Fourth Economy Releases Economic Development Data Analysis & Assessment for Rhode Island


Today, Fourth Economy will be meeting with Rhode Island’s Governor Chafee, members of the legislature, and other stakeholders to discuss the findings of our Economic Development Data Analysis and Assessment. The report comes after two months working closely with the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, the Statewide Planning Program, and the Office of Regulatory Reform as part of a larger Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant. The report analyzes Rhode Island’s business climate, industry clusters, regulatory environment, financial resources, and marketing efforts. Continue reading “Fourth Economy Releases Economic Development Data Analysis & Assessment for Rhode Island”

BioEconomy 2.0

Over the past few months there have been several new strategies and reports published by states, regions and think tanks regarding the BioEconomy.  We are at the start of the next phase of economic development investments in the sector, which I think is BioEconomy 2.0. BioEconomy in this context refers to a variety of similar terms used by economic developers including life sciences and biosciences.

The first phase of activities began around 1999 when states such as Pennsylvania launched their life science initiatives utilizing a portfolio approach to investing in infrastructure, research and development, venture capital and regional innovation clusters. Their work inspired several states to launch similar efforts including Massachusetts, California, Texas and others to varying degrees. Continue reading “BioEconomy 2.0”