Strategic Collaboratives

Pollenating successful industry and peer collaboratives is an important and necessary aspect of economic development in the fourth economy. Creating networks of collaboration to foster innovation and establish competitiveness on a global scale gives regions the edge in attracting modern investment.

The Fourth Economy team has been privileged to power several collaborative strategies [highlighted below]. What makes these projects different than other Fourth Economy projects? These projects span our team’s breadth of services and rely on our extensive network and experience to build custom tailored solutions for maximum impact. Working closely with regional stakeholders, Fourth Economy drives the success of these networks by providing organizational support services, such as communications management, project management, and program evaluation/design, coupled with strategy services, such as economic impact analysis, public policy analysis, and collaboration facilitation. Whether a collaborative needs to be architected or is existing, the Fourth Economy team can analyze necessary sectors to maximize the value and ROI of the sector, building better, stronger, more sustainable regions.

As a vested partner in the success of these initiatives, Fourth Economy can architect success for these networks and the regions and communities they represent.

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Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh

The Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh is a collaborative effort of Innovation Works and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. This effort focuses on building innovation, attracting funding and investment, managing public policy, and marketing the region as the new national center for energy. The Alliance’s industry focus spans seven industry sectors: coal, gas, nuclear, solar, wind, transmission & distribution, and intelligent buildings. Fourth Economy provides project management to the aspects of innovation and funding development, creating working group sessions with the region’s top leaders in energy and creating unique networking opportunities to virally drive innovation development and collaboration within the sectors.

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TechBelt Initiative

Fourth Economy is currently managing and coordinating the development of a cross-state regional economic and workforce development initiative known as TechBelt.  TechBelt is made up of key stakeholders in the technology sector, including Fortune 500 companies, leading universities and organizations dedicated to advancing the Cleveland – Pittsburgh region as a leader in technology collaboration.  The collaborative represented by TechBelt has united in order to turn regional transformation into an opportunity to harness our collective ingenuity to create new investment and growth opportunities.  TechBelt represents the next stage in the evolution of this mega-region as it works to transition its economies toward more technology-based opportunities to ensure a bright future as it relates to job growth, per capita income and other measures.

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University Economic Development Association (UEDA)

Established in 1976, the University Economic Development Association is the cornerstone membership organization representing higher education, private sector and community economic development stakeholders. UEDA works to expand economic opportunity in our communities by leveraging research, community resources, campus planning, talent development, and technology commercialization. The Fourth Economy team works as a partner with the UEDA board of directors and working committees to grow the organization in membership, experience, programming, investment, and recognition.

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Water Economy Network (WEN)

Fourth Economy, in partnership with the Allegheny Conference and Sustainable Pittsburgh, established The Water Economy Network as a working collaborative consisting of private industry, academia and regional economic development intermediaries. The Network helps its membership access water-sector project opportunities, encourage new company formation through innovative technology development and deployment, and attract both national and international water related industry to the Western Pennsylvania region.