Opportunity Zone Investment Prospectus

The challenge

In our conversations with communities, many questions have been raised as to how to attract investors that are eager to benefit from the Opportunity Zone (OZ) new tax incentive, including:

  • How can I market to Opportunity Funds and individual OZ Investors that align with my community’s needs and values?
  • How can I leverage this tool to further the goals of equity and equality in my community?
  • What happens after the 10 year period of investment is over?
  • Can we (and should we) start our own Opportunity Fund?
  • How should we prioritize our Opportunity Zones and the specific projects therein?
  • What should we try to create in our Opportunity Zones, and how can we get the surrounding communities’ support for these projects?

Our approach is equally based in economic data and community engagement, and we pride ourselves on creating implementable and investable plans.

Our Approach

Creating an OZ Investment Prospectus is as much about the process of a community coming together to form a vision as it is about the output of  a list of strategically selected projects that can be shared with potential investors. It includes:

  • A summary of important socioeconomic trends
  • A community-driven process for prioritizing development projects
  • Tailored recommendations for maximizing local investment or incentives
  • Specific investable projects with strong narrative that demonstrates an understanding of the investors needs

Our process includes:.

  • Baseline Analysis
  • Categorization
  • Prioritization

The Results: A Prioritized, Investible Prospectus

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