Communications Management

At our core, the Fourth Economy team is an economic strategy firm and we offer Communications Management services because our clients need the assistance. We are not a big design firm or a print, video or web development firm, so we are not focused on recommending those types of services to our clients. Instead, we work with clients to tailor the best communications and messaging tools and identify the resources needed to execute on those plans.

We offer expertise in Message & Content Development and Social Media Management.

Massaging a message for distribution and the medium used to communicate play important roles in desired effect. Understanding both ends of this spectrum, Fourth Economy remains on the cutting-edge of marketing and communication trends to create innovative strategies for implementation, analyze existing plans, and manage campaigns to ensure information falls on attentive ears.

Project Highlight:  YSU College of STEM Communications Management

Client Youngstown State University – College of STEM
Website Client Website  |  Project Website
Location(s) Youngstown, OH
Completed Ongoing

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