Grants & Development

We apply our expertise in facilitating collaboration, public policy, and marketing and communications to ensure that your development efforts include the right players, are properly aligned with public goals, and are marketed to the right audience. Furthermore, we develop practical strategies to pursue funding that focus on a step-by-step process for insuring optimum expenditure of human capital matched with highest potential success.

We are constantly monitoring emerging opportunities for state and federal grants and have successfully written grants for programs such as EDA University Centers, EDA Commerce, and Discovered and Developed in PA.

Whether you’re investing in early-stage technologies or community revitalization, we have the expertise to guide and support your efforts.

Project Highlight:  AdvanceT: PSU Discovered & Developed in PA Grant Application

Client Penn State Hershey – College of Medicine
Website Client Website
Location(s) Hershey, PA
Completed 2011

Other Grants & Development Projects

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