Site Selection

The expansion and relocation of any business facility is a complex and often infrequent endeavor. While the process represents a significant financial and logistical commitment, when done effectively, it often results in a new opportunity for future growth.

Throughout our careers, the Fourth Economy Team has worked with businesses, and communities, in various project capacities. Our site selection service enables the growth of its clients by helping cut costs, save time, maximize government opportunities and match the right community with your corporate goals and culture.

Through our in house expertise and through collaborative partnerships, Fourth Economy can deliver the following services:

  • Site selection & Community Evaluation
  • Workforce Relocation Assistance
  • Labor Market Studies
  • Incentives Negotiation

What set’s us apart?

Unbiased and Confidential

Unlike other site selection firms, Fourth Economy does not represent any real estate holdings or offer in-house brokerage services. As a result, our team of experts conducts rigorous national, regional and intra-state searches without conflict or building bias. Each client is represented completely confidentially throughout the process.


Our team has actually worked in economic development organizations at the state and local levels, crafting economic incentive programs and administering the programs. We have worked with companies to locate facilities and with economic developers to effectively market their regions. As a result, Fourth Economy understands this nuanced process from both the public and private side and offers this complete perspective to every engagement, enabling us to provide a completely unbiased, customized and confidential evaluation of markets, communities and sites.

Market Research

Fourth Economy Consulting has established and owns the Fourth Economy Community index. This exclusive index measures every county in the country based on data points important to modern business investment. This database offers our clients an immediate and ready ranking of counties to begin the community evaluation process. We then dig deep from this ready-to-go starting point.

No Success-Based Fees

Clients are sometimes eligible and receive cash grants and other incentives as part of the negotiation process. Fourth Economy does not charge any success-based fees against these grants or incentives. Fourth Economy clients receive 100% of any benefit for which they are eligible.

The Process

  1. Fourth Economy first works to gain a complete understanding of the events and context surrounding the decision to relocate or expand operations. Corporate operations and culture are discussed to determine both the logistical and human demands required from a potential location.
  2. Targeted states are identified and regions within those states are pre-qualified. Based on this high-level framework, we begin the detailed location analysis evaluating critical site factors such as workforce, infrastructure, utilities, site/building availability, operational costs and public policy environment.
  3. Locations meeting the required parameters are identified and personal contact is made with state and regional economic development officials. The client is represented anonymously during these meetings as specific sites and buildings are further qualified.
  4. As sites are eliminated due to permanent limitations, Fourth Economy begins the process of incentives qualification and negotiation. Ultimately, two to three sites will be presented along with a complete incentives package to the client for final selection.

Project Highlight:  Site Selection Evaluation for International Life Sciences Company

Client Undisclosed Client
Location(s) United States
Completed 2011

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