Communications Strategy

For both private companies and public organizations, it is a crowded, noisy marketplace. Customers and stakeholders are bombarded with messages, images and impressions. Without an organized marketing and communications strategy, brands become diluted and marketing messages become unclear and inefficient. Fourth Economy examines the big picture surrounding our clients marketing and communications needs by placing ourselves in the most important position relative to your organization… your customer. We stay on the cutting edge of emerging marketing techniques, new and social media and creative information design practices to offer a fresh outlook to your business. We are not a marketing firm. We are strategists considering the big picture of your organization.

Many public organizations fail to recognize that, although they have differing missions, their business progression should be very similar to that of private industry. Fourth Economy takes into consideration each client’s growth stage and creates a customized plan using the services below for optimal marketing results. Each of the services listed below can be applied in any growth stage, however, generally are weighted differently for each stage and depend on desired needs/results.

Project Highlight:  UEDA Strategic Organizational Management

Client University Economic Development Association
Website Client Website
Location(s) United States
Project Team Meeting Demands, LLC
Completed Ongoing

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