The Green 333

The BLS has identified 333 detailed (6-digit NAICS) industries where green goods and services are classified. This industry list includes 2,154,700 establishments that constitute the scope for the Green Goods and Services (GGS) survey. The GGS survey will be used to identify establishment that are producing any green goods and services and to measure the number of associated jobs in the establishment.

The BLS methodology will estimate the number of green jobs for a NAICS industry based on the green jobs found at individual establishments classified within the industry. The methodology will not simply designate an industry as “green” and count all jobs in that industry as green jobs, since establishments in the industry may also produce goods and services that are not considered green. In this way, the BLS should avoid the over-inflated counts and pie-in-the-sky estimates that contribute to the greenwashing of the green economy.