Poll Results: Top Energy Innovations in Past 100 Years

In our last newsletter, we raised the question of how much progress we are truly making in terms of energy innovation. According to our survey, the top 5 energy innovations of the last 100 hundred years all occurred before 1947. While there was some contention around number 4 and 5 – at number 4, the electron’s role in chemical bonding (1916) was given a weighted score of 77 and at number 5, superconductivity (1911) received a weighted score of 76 – pretty much everyone agreed that the top 3 energy innovations are:

  1. Development of the transistor (1947)
  2. First atomic reactor (1942)
  3. Discovery of neutrons (1932)

That being said, you did remind us that we forgot to include a couple of more recent innovations, including Tesla’s geo-electric invention and the development of coal plan exhaust scrubbers.

Despite slow progress over the past century, will energy innovation be an economic driver for your community in the coming years? Tell us in this month’s survey.