Digital Placemaking: The New Frontier of Community Development

Over the past few decades we’ve seen an explosion of research and work in the science and art of placemaking. The importance of design, public space and public art is being broadly appreciated and implemented in communities around the world, often with stunning results. But in today’s world of social networking, mobile devices and nearly ubiquitous internet connectivity, are solely physical placemaking activities enough?

People look online first for everything these days, and communities are no exception. While it’s definitely vital for your community to have a welcoming, unique and livable physical presence, what is your community’s online presence like? Is it as fresh and lively as the new public square that was just finished, or is it a mish-mash of outdated websites, incorrect business listings and forum posts from 2003? Continue reading “Digital Placemaking: The New Frontier of Community Development”

Numbers Behind the News: $100 Billion


Facebook has moved forward with an IPO that could be among the largest in the U.S. and at the least will dwarf Google’s 2004 IPO.  Facebook was launched only six months before Google’s August 2004 IPO.  The pessimistic outlook suggests that Facebook would hit a market value of $75 billion, which would make it the 35th largest company, but if it breaches the $100 billion barrier it could move ahead of Merck for the 25th spot.  Some analysts expected to see revenues around $4.3 billion and were disappointed in the  $3.71 billion sales figures released in the IPO.

Some other notable numbers from the IPO:

  • $1 billion profit (fails make the top 50)
  • 845 million users worldwide (would be the world’s 3rd largest if it were a nation)
  • 250 million photos are shared per day (a printed stack of these photos would more than 27 miles high)
  • $114 million spent on R&D (would be the 123rd largest research university in the U.S.)