Small Towns, Great Gowns, Big Opportunities

131024-Town-GownIn recent months our Fourth Economy team has been hard at work on several town-gown development projects.  It’s time to share a few lessons learned.  First, if you live in a smaller town and are fortunate enough to have an institution of higher education close by, don’t squander the opportunity to build upon this high value asset – embrace it, leverage it, and cultivate it.

While the many positives associated with town-gown partnerships may be obvious to most of us, surprisingly those positives often need to be clearly identified, communicated and tactically acted upon. Continue reading “Small Towns, Great Gowns, Big Opportunities”

Reflections of a Millennial: What’s wrong with balance?

As a Millennial, I find it interesting to read articles written about “us” by people outside our generation. Everyone is trying to figure out what my generation will do so they can cater to our wants and desires. Good luck! There are more than 45 million of us and we are the most diverse generation in history. Yes, we share some similar attributes and experiences (we consume much more technology than past generations, for instance) but I think it unwise to attempt to cater to us as if we are a homogenous group.

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