Presentation: New Partnerships for Disrupting Urban Poverty – The Integration Initiative

Integration-InitiativeTowards the end of May, Fourth Economy’s Chelsea Burket formed a panel to discuss the Integration Initiative and its approach to urban poverty at the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group’s Community Development Summit. Presenting with Chelsea was Alison Gold, Assistant Director of Knowledge and Impact at Living Cities; Kurt Sommer, Director at the Baltimore Integration Partnership; and Walter W. Wright, Project Director at Greater University Circle Community Wealth Building Initiative. Continue reading “Presentation: New Partnerships for Disrupting Urban Poverty – The Integration Initiative”

Sustainable Communities in the Fourth Economy

Integrated-Economic-DevelopmentEconomic development has traditionally been a tool for relatively well-off communities to improve their lot by attracting new jobs and increasing their tax base. Relatively well-off, that is, compared to low-income communities of color, and in particular, urban communities. For them, community development has been the primarily tool, working primarily through real estate development and social service programs. However, it turns out that real estate and social service programs have not sufficiently improved the lot of many of the poorest neighborhoods. In fact, one in six Americans now lives in poverty, the highest in half a century. Furthermore, it turns out that all communities, regardless of class or color, need more than just jobs. Therefore, at Fourth Economy, we are interested in continually pushing for a more integrated approach to community and economic development. Continue reading “Sustainable Communities in the Fourth Economy”