Do Markets Define the Place or Can a Place Define the Market?

The Fourth Economy team has been fortunate to have had many project experiences in our first two-years of life. When asked what has been the most notable observation or question that I can take away from our work thus far, it is this – Do markets define a “place” or can a “place” define the market? Throughout our national travels and work locally within the Pittsburgh region, it is clear that many second and third class cities across the country are increasingly realizing new and financially viable mixed-use development and higher density housing projects. Continue reading “Do Markets Define the Place or Can a Place Define the Market?”

Revisiting Carrie Furnace

I have been working on market analysis for the redevelopment of the Carrie Furnace site along the Monongahela River.  For those of you not from Pittsburgh, that is one of the Three Rivers.  One of the rewarding aspects of this work has been the fact that for the first time in my professional life there is good economic news in the region that you doesn’t require rose colored glasses.  In my opinion, Pittsburgh has been steadily improving since at least 1990, but for much of that time you had to overlook our population loss or cover one eye to look only at job gains in technology and ignore job losses in other sectors or entire communities. Continue reading “Revisiting Carrie Furnace”