On the Move


Fourth Economy is on the move in more ways than one.  One of the big moves is our new space at 1501 Preble Avenue on Pittsburgh’s North Side.  While this move is only 2.5 miles in distance, it represents a major milestone in our company’s growth as we move from our startup space into an expansion space.  We are also on the move around the country, working in Providence, RI; Fargo, ND; Detroit, MI; and Buffalo, NY, in addition to working intensely in our home base of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Continue reading “On the Move”

Gross Domestic People or Gross Domestic Product: Is GDP Leaving out People?

On a recent trip to the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, I realized that community leaders are marketing the economy to investors in terms of job growth, sector growth, and migration numbers. This comes as little surprise during a time when Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has indicated that the Great Recession of 2009 is long past. However, employment numbers have looked less promising. For years, GDP has been the economic measure of choice for the United States and for other countries. Policymakers, analysts, and academics have focused on GDP as the primary variable to both understand economic growth and to manipulate in order to change the economic condition. However, in our daily lives we care less about GDP growth than we care about payroll income and job security. Continue reading “Gross Domestic People or Gross Domestic Product: Is GDP Leaving out People?”