Blurring Boundaries: Creating Regional Competitiveness Through Collaboration


An Article About the 4th Annual Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group Community Development Summit

Collaboration is more popular than ever.  It is also more necessary than ever as our most pressing problems continue to increase in complexity. Our problems are challenging and they spill over geographical boundaries and jurisdictional political lines that are sometimes arbitrarily or historically created. The people that form the economies of our region often don’t understand those boundaries in the same way that economic developers and community organizers do and that increases the need for collaboration across boundaries.

Pittsburgh is a community that talks a lot about collaboration. There are several organizations focused on increasing collaborative efforts and using those collaborations to increase the competitiveness of this region. Even at the highest levels of the cities leadership—the Mayor’s office—collaboration has become a central focus. This year, at the 4th Annual PCRG Summit, Fourth Economy moderated a panel of four leaders that offered practical advice to participants on how to make partnerships more productive.

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Presentation: New Partnerships for Disrupting Urban Poverty – The Integration Initiative

Integration-InitiativeTowards the end of May, Fourth Economy’s Chelsea Burket formed a panel to discuss the Integration Initiative and its approach to urban poverty at the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group’s Community Development Summit. Presenting with Chelsea was Alison Gold, Assistant Director of Knowledge and Impact at Living Cities; Kurt Sommer, Director at the Baltimore Integration Partnership; and Walter W. Wright, Project Director at Greater University Circle Community Wealth Building Initiative. Continue reading “Presentation: New Partnerships for Disrupting Urban Poverty – The Integration Initiative”