Hitting the Panic Button

I participated in a forum hosted by West Virginia University President Jim Clements. The topic was on Innovation and American Competitiveness. Fellow participants came from a variety of backgrounds – Provosts, Deans, Students, Alumni which included investment managers, bankers and venture capitalists and more.

The conversation was motivating and really got me thinking more about the work we are doing and how the role we are playing in connecting innovation market participants is so critical.

What really got folks attention was Ray Lane from Kleiner Perkins and an alumni, basically saying that it is time for us to hit the Panic Button. There is so much going wrong right now that small fixes aren’t going to get us out of the economic mess we are in.

Many of us took note of Ray’s observations and the conversation should live on in various forums that we are all participating in. For my part I believe that Ray and other speakers were articulating the values of a fourth economy. Expecting value, showing true leadership and not political stupidity, taking a team approach to economic growth, inclusiveness and respect are all values that we must appreciate in order to move beyond this economic mess.

I pledge to do my part and hope that my friends will join us. Oh and by the way, Ray mentioned the need for a third political party as a way to get our elected leaders back to action and not just rhetoric. Fourth Economy Party anyone?