Using Data to Make Smarter Transportation Systems (and Happier People)

I’ll be honest; the transportation system in Pittsburgh is one of my least favorite things about this city. If I drive to work, I begin and end my day in a state of stress and frustration from sitting in traffic and yelling at signals. If I take the bus, I have to have exact cash and, like this morning, have to stand in the pouring rain waiting – who knows how long? My guess is that you may feel the same about your city, wherever that may be. However, it turns out it doesn’t have to be that way! Continue reading “Using Data to Make Smarter Transportation Systems (and Happier People)”

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Case Study

At the direction of the Southwestern Planning Commission in Pennsylvania, Fourth Economy teamed with Clear View Strategies and URS to attempt to identify the “key success factors” for a future TOD site. Continue reading “Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Case Study”