Fourth Economy develops a unique approach to guide each client engagement.

We effectively blend both quantitative and qualitative inputs at every point in the process. Most importantly, our focus is on developing realistic recommendations that can be easily understood and readily implemented.

Our experience in working on hundreds of projects informs our approach and guides us on where to begin. We do however recognize that each engagement requires a tailored and often iterative process. We strive to become partners with our clients and understand their needs and aspirations in order to advise them most effectively.


What sets us apart from the rest?

The Fourth Economy team has earned a reputation for effectively combining rigorous analytical capabilities with a practical emphasis on implementation. We have assembled a team of experts who have actually worked in economic development agencies, industry, non-profit organizations and tier-one research institutions.

We work at the intersection of diverse systems from community development to economic development, from transportation to real estate development, and from legacy industry to entrepreneurial ecosystems. Our team serves as connectors in the fourth economy, bringing together the creative energy of individuals to make new ideas and plans happen, creating lasting results for our clients.



We work with change agents at fourth economy driver organizations to leverage their people, places and ideas.

Fourth Economy supports the growth of our clients and the communities where they live and work. Our record of success is based on the approach that a sustainable future requires a deeper understanding of ways to collaborate across economic and social sectors. We build tools and consensus for collaboration across universities, business, communities and innovation-based economic development organizations.